Firearm Safety and Education

FSE conducts Firearm Training Classes by Certified Instructors.

These classes are valuable in teaching the safe and responsible methods of handling firearms, whether as sport shooting, recreational shooting, hunting or persons looking for home and personal protection.

Whether new to firearms or just have little experience we offer a beginner handgun training class that give you a strong foundation on gun safety by providing you the knowledge, teaching you the skills and attitude necessary to become a “Responsible Firearm Owner”

Have a little more experience and looking to further your skills or maybe you just need a refresher?

FSE takes pride in providing you with the best possible outcome, which is to be a safe and responsible gun owner. Our classes provide in-depth presentations, hand-on teaching techniques to fit the need of the class.

The Beginner class is designed for the beginners and even those with some experience can benefit, you can be assured you will leave the class with a much greater knowledge of firearms and the safety aspects of owning a firearm.

Our Permit to Carry class is very comprehensive and exceeds the states min. requirements.
A “Permit to Carry” holder must have the concepts of safety and legal aspects of using a firearm in self defense solidly engraved in them.
You must develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to be a safe user and you must continue to learn and train.

Read these articles on carry permit training

We will provide you with the best learning environment and to help you feel more at ease we also limit our classes to only 12.

So are you ready start off your shooting future correctly?

Classes currently offered

 A Introduction to Handguns   read more …

This is an excellent class for the beginner as it teaches you Firearm Safety,
Proper Handling and Operation of Handguns.

Minnesota Permit to Carry   read more…

Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and
efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide
information on the law-abiding individual’s right to self-defense.
*Special Offer -receive $25 off Permit to Carry class when you attend the Introduction to Handguns Class


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