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Beginner Handgun Class

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A beginner handgun class essential for the first time gun owner and anyone with little to no experience or maybe just a refresher class for those with experience.

It will provide you an excellent start to a safe and responsible Handgun owner.

This class teaches you the basic knowledge, skills, and to explain the attitude necessary for the safe operation and handling of a pistol.

This course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to revolvers and semi auto type pistols.
This course is 4-5  hours long of classroom learning.
This course is a non shooting course with the use of training guns in a safe and casual learning environment, this class was designed for the beginner in mind so there is no need to feel nervous or intimidated, we will guide you through the whole way.. plus our classes are limited.
(some class dates do have the option for live fire on the range, these classes are from 8am - 4pm)

What will you learn?

*The Rules of firearm safety
* How to safety handle a firearm by learning the rules.
*The knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary
*Gun Owner Responsibilities
*Types of Pistols
Semi  Auto and Revolvers
* The parts and operation.
How they work
* Ammunition components and how they work.
*Shooting Fundamentals
How to properly hold a pistol
Sights, sight alignment and sight picture
Correct Shooting position
*Maintaining and Storage
* Helpful guide to buying your first pistol.
How to Select a pistol
Purchasing a pistol
*Continued Education Opportunities

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind
  • Note Taking materials
  • Snack/beverage

Beginner Handgun
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