Home Security and Defense

Home Security and Defense

A Home Protection Plan that is in place before a home invasion occurs can be crucial to you and your family.

Coming home to find you have been burglarized and losing your property to theft can have lasting affects.Home Security and Defense

Chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Minnesota is 1 in 47.

To have your tv or jewelry stolen isn’t pleasant but it could be worse, home invasions also can result in violent crimes of assault, abduction, rap and murder.

Chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Minnesota  is 1 in 412

The first goal is to keep someone from entering your home in the first place but what if they do enter and what is their intent.

  • Do you know what to do and how to keep your family safe?
  • How will you protect them?
  • Do you know the legal aspects of protecting them?
The average response time for law enforcement in the US is 7 Minutes 

This class was developed to help you create a Home Protection Plan.

What is a Home Protection Plan?
At its most basic level, a personal and home protection plan is designed to help keep us physically, legally, financially, and morally safe.

• Statistics and Trends
• Defining a personal protection plan
• Home security
• Evaluating your home’s security
• Home alarms
• Home defense
• Mental exercises
2. THE LEGAL USE OF FORCE: (with or without a firearm)
• Defining reasonable force and deadly force
• Defending the home
• Defending property
• Defending yourself and your family
• Automated responses and the psychological effects
• When we’re left with no other choice
• When the right to use deadly force ends
• The immediate aftermath
• Phone calls to make
• When the police arrive
• Statement to the police
• Preserving evidence
• Miranda rights
• During and after your arrest (Yep, if you use Deadly Force you should expect to be arrested)
• Advice for your lawyer
Non or less lethal tools
• Firearms

*This class is designed for the person looking to protect themselves and family inside their home,
with or without a firearm. Protecting your home (or business) with a firearm does not require a Permit to Carry.

*This class covers the use of a firearm for protection but it does not provide a detailed introduction to Firearms or satisfy MN Permit to Carry certification.  If you plan on protecting your home or business with a firearm but are new to firearms,
consider taking:  Beginner Handgun class

*If you are looking for protecting yourself OUTSIDE the home WITH a firearm then you
must take the Permit to Carry class instead of this class.

Home Security and Defense – Classroom $99.00   See schedule for the next class
(classes you must attend before taking this class – none).

Home Security and Defense – In Your Home $375.00
This class is a “IN HOME” class, yes we will come to your home and teach you how to keep you and your family safe.
Contact us to schedule your In Home class info@firearm-safety-education.com   952-292-8165

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Beverage / snacks

Concealed Carry Home Defense book

This book is an excellent resource for protecting you and your home

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