Learning to Carry a Firearm

Learning to Carry

Making the decision to carry a loaded firearm is not to be taken lightly, you will be out in public with a BIG responsibility to yourself and to others around you. A decision to carry a firearm brings out a whole new set of circumstances, and many more factors to consider than simply owning a firearm for home protection.

Whether you already have a permit to carry,  just got it or looking to get it this class will provide some valuable insights into the concealed carry lifestyle.

Learn to Carry class

you will learn:

• Mindset for everyday carry
• Common mistakes of new permit to carry holders
• When to carry a firearm
• When not to carry firearm
• Reasons why you may not carry
• Businesses or places that ban firearms
• Open or Concealed carry
• Firearm choices for carry
• Open sights vs laser sights
• Tactical flashlights
• Mounted lights
• Holster options and types
• Belts
• Clothing options
• Traveling with a firearm
• Firearms in your vehicle
• Dealing with the police
• Carry ethics

Learn To Carry – Classroom  $49.00   See schedule for the next class
(classes you must attend before taking this class – see prerequisite tree)
Beginner Handgun  +  Permit to Carry

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Snacks/beverage

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