Self Defense, Mental Composure and Managing FEAR

This class will provide a comprehensive review of the necessary mindset, principles and concepts to safely escape or eliminate a threat to your safety through practical self defense tactics and your mental composure needed and required to managing fear.

This course has three component parts:

  1. Training is done within the context of multiple attackers having superior size, strength, speed.
    The need to act with committed Intent to create an Injury.
  2. Where the human body is most vulnerable physiologically and strongest structurally.
  3. Psychological impact of demystifying tools, weapons, and firearms through application of our Co.D.S.A. model.

Conflict is Fluid is our guiding Principle. “If they do that, I do this”
Focusing on fancy tactics does not work outside a training center with cooperative training partners.

This class’ objective is to sharpen your “teeth”, embrace your capacity for righteous violence, and instilling the survival mindset when faced with a threat to you or a loved ones life.

This curriculum will provide an in-depth analysis of the Body Alarm Response, Managing Fear, and Maintaining your Composure when defending your life.

Because conflict is fluid and no scenario is predictable in advance, memorizing specific techniques is not the goal.

Our objective is to give you a platform of concepts, principles, and best practices to get you quickly to safety in a high-stress environment or direct threat to your safety.

Our approach allows you to practice, adapt, and apply responses in a fluid, dynamic, high-stress environment.

Self Defense, Mental Composure and Managing FEAR

 – Classroom $149.00   See schedule for the next class
(classes you must attend before taking this class  – none

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind
  • Note taking gear
  • Snack/Beverage

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